Moulding Line

• Disamatic Model 131Z – Fast, Vertically parted moulding line
• The rated speed of the moulding machine is 400 moulds / hour
• Mould size : 750 x 570 x 140 – 400 mm
• 45mins pf cast cooling facility due to 68 metre long synchronized conveyor belt

Sand Plant

• Sand Hopper capacity : 300 T
• Sand Multi Controller ( SMC )
• Magnetic separator
• Sand and casting cooling drum
• Sand cooling below 50 Deg. C
• Dust Extraction System
• SAM 10 Mixture
• Mixing Capacity : 80 T/Hr.
• Ceramic Lining
• High Speed Intensive Green Sand Mixer: Model SAM 10 with Bond Injection System
• Online Sand Multi Controller

Melting and Auto Pour

• For the 1st phase a Tri-track Furnace from Inductotherm has been considered
• Inductotherm Auto Pour with Visipour control system
• Tri Track induction furnaces with inbuilt fume extraction system
• Stopper rod control bottom pouring Visipour with mould stream inoculation facility

Shot Blasting and Fettling

• Online shot blasting facility with castings and runner riser

Machine Shop

• Equipped to produce fully machined ferrous cast components
• Advanced and latest Vertical and Horizontal CNC Machines for Turning, Milling and Drilling operations resulting in high level of precision
• Balanced mix of General Purpose and Special Purpose Machines for optimized machining time